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You must have an attorney draw the deed.  If you do not have an attorney, then please ask the buyerís closing attorney to draw a deed for you.  This should be arranged a few weeks prior to closing.


The closing attorney will handle this.  Please advise the closing attorney of who is holding your present mortgage(s) and give him or her the account number(s).


You must have a smoke detector certificate for the closing.  Please call your local Fire Department to arrange this at least three weeks prior to closing.  Smoke detector certificates are valid for 60 days.


Please bring your house keys and garage door openers (if applicable) to the closing, along with your driverís license.  The closing attorney will need to see proof of identification.


If your home is heated by oil, some oil companies will make a final stick measurement.  Otherwise you can make a visual reading and round off to the lower 1/8 reading of the tank.  Most tanks are adjusted based on 260 gallons as full.


Keep a copy of your last oil bill and use the last price per gallon that you paid as the factor multiplied by the number of gallons left in the tank.  Please contact your real estate agent with the reading.


You should arrange for a final water reading a few days prior to closing by calling your town Water Department.  Many towns will allow you to go to their office and pay the bill so that you can bring a paid receipt to the closing.  If not, then the bill must be picked up and brought to the closing.  The amount owed should also be called into the closing attorney so that the proper adjustment can be made.


If you have private sewerage you must provide a certification stating that the system conforms to the stateís Title V sanitary code.  The state has a list of inspectors that can perform this certification.  This should be done well in advance of the closing to allow for necessary repairs.  A copy of the Title V Certificate should be brought to the closing.


You must provide a 6D Certificate at closing, which represents that common charges (condominium fees) are paid in full.  It must be signed by a majority of the recorded trustees.


Call your electric, telephone, and gas company, if applicable, to arrange transfer of service to be effective the day of the closing.  (click here to see list of town office and utility company telephone numbers)

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